About us

Supersoul.com has been around since the early days of the commercial internet in one shape or form. In the mid-90s it was an online gift shop for Krishna conscious items ranging from classic literatures from the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust to a large range of incense and clothing from the street markets of holy India.



After a long hiatus, flash forward to today and we aspire to serve as a clearing house for the spiritually curious or generally inquisitive. We traverse the internet in search of content that bridges the gap between modern world views with spiritual practice. Here you will find videos, interviews, blogs, and other media that tackle the deeper questions in life beyond the day to day monotony.

Supersoul.com is a non-profit limited business that reinvests all profits back into this website and into worldwide charities that are close to our heart. As a practitioner of bhakti yoga for over 30 years, this website is a chance for me to give back to the global community some of the gifts I have received over the years. I still read these books over and over, I hope you will too.

Hoping you remain well and happy.